March 23, 2019

Screenwriting Unchained Released

Screenwriting Unchained, my new non-fiction book introducing the Story-Type Method®, has been released by SCREENPLAY Unlimited Publishing. For more information, please visit … [Read More...]

SCREENPLAY Unlimited: Home of The Story-Type Method®

SCREENPLAY Unlimited, my new website on story structure and script development, is up and running at Check it out if you'd like to explore the Story-type Method®, an innovative approach to screenplay development! … [Read More...]

News on Beast Quest

Screenplay now out to directors... Let's hope it finds a great match soon! More details on the project here. … [Read More...]

More news on Number9dream

More exciting news about the movie adaptation of David Mitchell's yakusa thriller number9dream: BAFTA winning director Asif Kapadia (Senna, The Warrior) is attached to the project, which has found a great home on Film 4's slate. I've just started writing a new version of the screenplay. More details here. … [Read More...]

New writing project: Beast Quest

I've recently started working - solo this time - on the film adaptation of Beast Quest, a series of children books written by Adam Blade and published by Orchard Books (2007-present). This family/fantasy/adventure movie is produced by David Livingstone, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner for Working Title Films (Universal Studios). More details here. … [Read More...]

Project at a glance: Beast Quest

Feature Film Adaptation of the series of children books by Adam Blade Writer: Emmanuel Oberg Producers: David Livingstone, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner for Working Title Films (Universal Studios) Genre: Family Film / Adventure / Fantasy Status: out to directors Logline: Beast Quest is a fantasy novel series published by Orchard Books. The series follows the stories of 12-year-old Tom as he … [Read More...]

News on Number9dream

Paul Webster (The Motorcycle Diaries, Atonement, Eastern Promises) has joined the project as executive producer, which is fantastic news. The script is now out to directors. More info on Number9dream here. … [Read More...]

Project at a glance: Pastworld

Adaptation of the novel by Ian Beck (2009) Writers: Emmanuel Oberg and John McKay Producer: Paul Brooks for Gold Circle Films Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure Status: in turnaround Logline: What if all of London were really an amusement park - a whole city returned to Victorian times to entertain visitors from the twenty-first century? That's the wildly original premise of Ian Beck's … [Read More...]

New writing project: Pastworld

We've just started working on the adaptation of Pastworld, the novel by Ian Beck, an exciting new project that I'm co-writing with John McKay, produced by Paul Brooks for Gold Circle Films. More details here. … [Read More...]

Project at a glance: No Time To Kill

Original screenplay Writer: Emmanuel Oberg Producer: spec script Genre: Action Thriller Status: in development (revised first draft) Logline: a London SCO19 cop has 85 minutes to save his daughter who thinks she's playing with a state-of-the-art military simulator, but is in fact killing people in the real world, causing utter chaos in the city... … [Read More...]